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Edible Arrangements To Have Their Own Line OF CBD Infused Fruits

CBD is the big thing right now, it seems that everyone is hopping on this. Even dispensaries are popping up everywhere, down to even lotions to get at your local drug store or retail for that matter. Hey, it was only a matter of time until you could get something edible from, well Edible Arrangements. And just in time for Valentine’s day might I add.

Edible Arrangements has just announced that they will be releasing their own line of hemp-derived CBD products. This line currently includes smoothies to their famous chocolate dipped fruit. The cool part is, is that Edible Arrangements teamed up with a company that supplies real CBD from their own hemp farm.

We have always prided ourselves on our knack for innovation, and we continue to do so with the introduction of new menu innovations for fresh and healthy alternatives. In the case of Incredible Edibles CBD products, the alternative we now offer is high-quality, traceable CBD, with a focus on ‘Health, Not High.’

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On their website it tells you where you can find the nearest store to purchase these CBD infused products.

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