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Cat Butt Bags Are A Cute New Trend!

Ok so first of all, who wouldn’t want a cat butt bag with fluffy balls attached to it? Add in the cute little X for the bum and I’m totally sold. They are big enough to hold your phone and a small wallet and are pretty much good to pair with everything. They even have an adorable orange version as well as a cool grey one.

They are selling these on Amazon for really cheap too, about $15. So if you wanted it for a sometimes purse, you won’t feel bad spending the money. We’ll call this our fashionable new karaoke purse.

They even have coin purses which is kind of funny because you know.. coin purse.. but hey these are only $4!

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If you love butts as much as Tina from Bob’s Burgers does we also recommend you check out these corgi butt leggings!

Disclaimer: Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of these items, we just thought you would like to know!

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