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Nintendo Does Want Sora In Super Smash, Disney Hasn’t Said Yes

One of the most requested characters for any Super Smash game is always Sora from Kindgom Hearts. But apparently the lack of Sora in the game isn’t because Nintendo isn’t trying. It’s because Disney Japan has been keeping it from happening.

Former Game Informer editor Imran Khan was speaking on the Kinda Funny Gamescast when he revealed what had been going on. It’s unfortunate that they keep him so tightly locked up when he is one of the most requested characters but Disney must have their reasons for not wanting him included. It would be really fun to use some of the attacks that Sora gets with his different key upgrades throughout the game though.

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All in all it’s probably money. If they were to put Sora in it would make the game even more appealing and without a percentage of sales it might not make it worth it for the company. If he were to be a bought set maybe they could agree on some kind of compromise. But anyway this is where they are at the time of this writing. Hopefully soon I will be able to write that they are including him as a DLC.

Source: Gamerant

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