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Tipsy Jenga Has Blocks With Hidden Jello Shots

Want a new way to get totally wasted? Well there is a new Jenga game out that has these hidden holders that are perfect for putting Jello shots in. You pull one out? You have to take them. Or if you are playing in teams, which is recommended because each hidden spot contains two shots, you can share!

Oddity Mall

Perfect for tailgating, get-togethers and backyard fun! Fifteen of the blocks contain spots for Jello shots. Pull the block with the shot and you take it! Tipping and hiding Jello shots? How tall will you go? The set includes: 54 natural, sanded 10.5″ blocks – with 15 spots to hide away Jello shots, 50 2 oz. Jello shot cups with lids and laminated rules and recipe card. It stands 27″ tall. Perfect for graduations, Ladies Nights Out, camping, wedding parties, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. It makes a great gift too! Add a few Jello shots and have fun!

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Now this is a game I would feel comfortable playing. I’m no good at games like beer pong but this I would be great at. Although I have been warned not to try and play Jenga ever with engineers, apparently they get creative and always, Always win. Even when they are drinking.

You can get this in different versions on Amazon, but we like the way the giant double looks. You can check out the listing by following the link here.

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