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Paint Happy Little Trees With This Bob Ross Figure

Bob Ross who is one of the staples of upstanding gentlemen has a figurine that comes complete with paint brushes and canvas. This is a nice addition to your collection of figures from history. If he had an impact on you personally this might be neat to have on your shelf. Or give as a gift if you know someone obsessed with Bob Ross.

He is selling with two paint brushes, a scraper, a canvas, an easel, a bucket and of course his pallet where you can see that Titanium White in all its glory. Maybe you can paint with your figure as you watch “The Joy Of Painting” on Twitch, or just pull it up on YouTube and watch it there. That way you can pause while you paint.

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Target is selling this figure for $30.99 which isn’t bad for a collectible with this many accessories. You can check out more Bob Ross stuff at Target by clicking the link here.

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