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Batman Who Laughs Cowl Is The Perfect Addition To Your Batman Collection

My husband and I are big comic readers, he knows that I love Batman more than anything else in the world. But to be honest I think he’s becoming a bigger Batman fan than me oh, please don’t tell him. He told me about a Batman series I need to read you may know it, it is called Batman Metal. It introduces one character who has quickly become his and my favorite character as well, and he is known as Batman who laughs.

The Batman Who Laughs is a supervillain, “Jokerized” version of Batman if you will. This delightful character was created by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Batman: Court of Owls, Wytches) and Greg Capullo (X-Force #15-26, Detective Comics #1000, Quasar #18-25 & 27-39). 

Entertainment Earth has released a cowl of the Batman Who Laughs. 

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How neat is that! And the price isn’t bad either, $75 and it’s all yours! Here’s the measurements, 


 Just follow the link here. I know that I will be getting one and displaying it with my Batman who Laughs Gallery piece. 

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