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Reynolds Wrap Releases ‘Hunger Harness’ For SuperBowl Sunday

Remember the wearable feedbags that the Onion did a special on a while back? It’s hot steamy food in your face right now! Here let me refresh your memory…

Well now taking a page out of that book, Reynolds Wrap has created the ultimate Hunger Harness that you can wear for SuperBowl Sunday. But really you can wear this anywhere and anytime. I especially like the idea for kids in the car so I don’t have to constantly hand them french fries from the front seat. Like how annoying…

See how the man on the left looks happy while the man on the right looks like he’s having the time of his life? I want to be the man on the right.

Anyway they are only selling this for $3.99! That’s right four dollars and you can sit with warm food all over you. And that neck pillow? Yeah that’s for your drink. It’s a built in 2 liter neck pillow, and it’s refillable. Best part is it has a cute little wet wipes pocket so that you can clean your hands with every wing. Because let’s face it those get messy!

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The Hunger Harness includes all of the following:

  • Wing pouch with an integrated dip tray to hold up to two of your favorite dipping sauces
  • Foldable tray to hold your pizza and snack plate
  • Adjustable straps to best fit your body for function and comfort
  • Built-in paper towel holder to help keep your hands clean
  • Small trash can for wings, napkins, bottle tops, etc.
  • Integrated straw that runs through the Harness so you can take a drink at any time without using your hands
  • Detachable neck pillow to help you recover from your “food coma” with a quick nap or when you need to look away during bad calls, bad plays or bad halftime shows
  • Easily accessible cell phone pouch to keep your phone within arm’s reach throughout the game

If you want to get one for yourself or your very messy friend that you’ve invited over for the big game, you can check out the link here. Unfortunately it’s limited to only one per household but if you show this article to your friends they can buy their own and bring it over. Just have a buffet where they can refill on wings and put a plastic back down under it. That way everything is nice and clean when you go to pick up.

I don’t know if these are recyclable or reusable, but I’m sure if you really want to figure out a way to keep it you will. These are great even as a gag gift for a messy friend. So if you want to save it for Christmas or a birthday you totally can.

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