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Animal Crossing Themed Planters Are Too Cute For Words!

If you’ve played Animal Crossing then you know we are able to grow flowers and trees. But if you’re lucky you’re able to grow a money tree. Well, Tiny Garden Pals is offering miniature cute planters that feature the oh so familiar  characters of animal crossing. 

You can see Tom Nook, his nephews, Stitch and even Isabel to name a few of course. I’m sure Leaf would be ecstatic to know that you are planting trees to help the environment. After all in New Leaf, you have to plant over a hundred trees in order to get the golden shovel. And trust me that is not an easy feat, because where the heck are you supposed to put them all? But hey maybe you can reach that achievement outside of the game. You deserve it. 

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These are an absolute must-have for any garden or Animal Crossing fan.

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