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Coca Cola Tic Tacs Coming Soon

If you love to have a nice refreshing glass of Coca Cola but have decided to cut the soft drink out of your life for a New Year’s health challenge then this might just be a good way to ease those cravings. Think of it as a kind of Nicorette for soda. Or maybe you just love Coke and want to try out how similar these Tic Tacs taste. You can do that too!

According to Taste of Home who got to actually try these they taste exactly like the real thing. With a slight hint of mint at the end which makes it actually useful instead of just being a candy treat. At least it freshens your breath too.

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They are set to be released at the end of this month(January) and be sold everywhere early February. If you’ve tried all Tic Tacs other flavors like Orange and Wintergreen, you may as well ad this one to your list. Try them all! And if this is only for a limited time you will have another story to tell.

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