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Mountain Dew Cheesecake is Here!

If you love Mountain Dew then you my friend are not alone. FunFoods has created a beautiful looking cheesecake that now you can try to make at home. Or if you want to do one better, try it with Mountain Dew Code Red.

The recipe seems simple enough, make a Mountain Dew flavored syrup with sugar, soda and corn syrup. Heat and mix. Then make a cheesecake. He uses a graham cracker crust which, yum! Graham cracker crust is absolutely delicious. He puts it in a bag and smashes it because he doesn’t want to do dishes, which is my kind of cooking. He mixes the whole crust in the bag which is genius.

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The only thing that it looks like you may need to buy for this is a springform pan and a candy thermometer. But if you already have those more power to you.

So now you’ve seen the Mountain Dew Cheesecake and know how to make it, try it at home! Email us at [email protected] with your results! And if you try it with Mountain Dew Code Red, I’m personally interested in how that one turns out.

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