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Get Thousands of Games With CokernutX

With Cydia no longer freely available, many iOS users are hunting for another way of installing third-party anime apps and games onto their iOS devices for free. That’s where an unofficial app installer called CokernutX comes in, with thousands of modified and tweaked iOS apps and games for free. Before we talk more about it, here’s how to download CokernutX on your iPhone or iPad:

How to Download CokernutX:

Downloading CokernutX is simple:

  1. Opening Safari browser on your device, tap the profile link on CoketNutX page to download it
  2. Tap on Install and then go onto your homepage – the app icon should be visible
  3. Before you tap to open it, go to your Settings app and tap General
  4. Tap Profiles, find the CokernutX profile and tap it
  5. Tap Trust and close Settings – you can now use the app.

What is CokernutX?

An iOS app installer, CokernutX, is one of the best alternatives to Cydia. It provides free and easy access to thousands of modified and tweaked iOS apps and games, all without needing to jailbreak.  And, there’s no need to use your Apple ID either, which means your app usage cannot be tracked. One last thing that CokernutX allows is the free download of apps and games that work anywhere in the world, not just in your own geographical area.

App Features at a Glance:

With CokernutX, you get:

  • A huge choice of apps and games, including plenty of modified content
  • User-friendly app
  • SSL encryption
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Supported on all devices up to and including iOS 13
  • Free

In-Depth Features:

While CokernutX cannot take the place of Cydia, it does offer a huge choice of content and some great features:

  • Free – there is no charge for downloading or using CokernutX or anything in it, and there never will be
  • No Apple ID or Jailbreak – no more do you need Cydia to enjoy modified apps and games, and you don’t need your Apple ID either like you do with some installers.
  • Secure – your downloads are fully secured with SSL encryption, ensuring your safety
  • Unofficial Content – plenty of third-party apps and games that you can’t find in the official store. There are modified games, tweaked apps, Cydia tweaks, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, there are some questions that we hear a lot, so here are the answers:

What is CokernutX?

An unofficial app store is offering more than 5,000 games, apps, and tweaks, including loads of modified content.

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Is it Free?

Yes, it is. CokernutX is free, and so is everything in it.

What About Jailbreaking? My Apple ID?

You don’t need to use either to enjoy all that CokernutX has to offer. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you need to be on iOS 8 or above.

Can I Get in Touch with the Developers?

Yes, via our Twitter feed for all the latest developments

What About in-app Ads?

CokernutX is strict on advertising and will not accept any apps that offer it. Although there are a couple of ads, they are not intrusive, and the developers focus on providing you with a free, cool way of installing apps and games.

How Do You Determine Which Content to Add in?

When we first started, we only included a few of the most popular apps and games. Now we focus on how best to serve iOS jailbreakers and took the decision to add tweaks, and other unofficial content so that you can get back some of what Cydia offered without having to jailbreak.

So, Am I Allowed to Republish Anything From CokernutX?

Yes, you can. The app is open-source, and there are few restrictions to worry about.

Why Should I Choose CokernutX?

Although it is just one of many iOS app installers, it is one of the most comprehensive, offering more than 5,000 apps and games. It may not have as many as the other installers, but it does focus on quality, not quantity. It is also dead simple to use, completely free, and offers one of the best app experiences.

Download CokernutX today and see for yourself what it offers. You won’t find an easier app installation experience, nor will you find the same great quality anywhere else.

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