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Pair of Sea Lions Live Their Best Life & Take Over Someone’s Boat

Have you ever just needed some me time away from the rest of the gang? Wanted to go sunbathe on a boat but lacked the boat? Well a couple of Sea Lions are right there with you.

Spotted by Joshua Phillips who was riding on his own boat on Pudget Sound near Washington, these Sea Lions couldn’t be missed. They were so big that the boat almost went under and it’s kind of amazing that it didn’t completely flood with water.

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Phillips jokes in the video that if they ate three more salmon they would have definitely sunk the boat. And in that case who would you call? Does insurance cover that? Sea Lions can weigh up to 2,500 lbs each and it was extremely lucky that this boat was able to hold not just one, but two enormous lions.

Have you ever seen something so crazy?! Tell us in the comments your weirdest animal moment!

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