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K-Swiss Comes Out With Matrix Inspired Shoes and Sandals

It’s no surprise that the Matrix movies have a great cult following. It’s where most people probably remember Keanu Reeves from, though for me I will always remember him from the Bill & Ted movies. and I kind of had a little crush on him when I was younger, I don’t know I think it was his long hair I think I have a type I’m not sure. But I digress, K-Swiss was so inspired by The Matrix movie that they have decided to come out with their own Matrix sandals and shoes.

Now we all know that Keanu Day is on May 21st 2021 and it will be big, because both of his movies John Wick 4 and Matrix 4, movies are set to release simultaneously of course.

But these sandals and shoes are so much more than what you would think. Of course they have the little green lines that we can associate with the Matrix but you look at the finer details of it all and I must say that these are quite impressive. Even the shoelaces one has a red side one has a blue side. I guess to see if you really want to continue down this rabbit hole.

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K-Swiss is having a contest on their Instagram, you can win a free pair if you join the hashtag matrix challenge all details are on their Instagram. And the contest ends January 8th.
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