Dr. Pepper Made A Dessert Topper

All right I’m going to ask a question, how do you like your ice cream? Are you a simple person that just doesn’t take toppings at all, or do you have to go all out with lots of whipped cream and lots of either chocolate or caramel topping. I know someone who makes a banana split every single time because they claim it’s the best thing ever. But no matter how you take your ice cream I think we can all agree on one thing. That we all need the Dr. Pepper Cherry dessert topper.

Yes you read that right Dr. Pepper Cherry dessert topper. ice cream will never be the same again and trust me when I say that for dr. Pepper lovers out there this is something that we definitely need in our lives. My best friend loves Dr. Pepper more than I do,  she actually got me to like the soda. but now that I know that this is an option for ice cream I definitely am going to eat this with my ice cream from now on.

Just so you know I’m a plain person I just like vanilla ice cream. But I would totally try this.

Photo credit: Instagram @nibble.n.nosh; Junk Food Guy

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