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3 K-Drama To Binge Watch In Your Cozy Blanket This Winter Break

3) SKY Castle

The series follows the journey of four wealthy women and their families as they try to get their children to the top education in Korea using every way the could think of while trying to maintain the status quo among the upper class of South Korea society. The story revolves around a mother who is obsessed about getting her daughter into an elite university, even when that involves crime, pressure or cruel and fierce competition. 

The series is a mix of comedy, romance and drama with thrilling twists. If you enjoy human-interest stories, this is definitely a worthy choice. 

2) While You Were Sleeping

Starring beauties Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy(Hong Joo), the series presents compelling scenes with great acting. It is a story about Hong Joo, a girl with fortune-telling dreams who meet a rookie prosecutor and an attorney. Hong Joo has had these weird dreams that warn about bad events since she was little, but she is often unable to do anything about them. As the stories move on, the three characters all start to have these fortune-telling dreams about each other. The three starts to realize that their fates are intertwined somehow as they try to use their dreams to stop unfortunate events from happening to their loved ones. 

Funny, painful, and heart-warming, this crime slash romcom series is a must-watch. P.S: Warning- the show will leave you emotionally overwhelmed so you better prepare your heart. 

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1) Vagabond

Vagabond is a story about a martial artist-Dalgeon who lost his dear nephew on a plane crash and an NIS agent – Haeri. Suspecting that the plane crash wasn’t simply an accident like the police states, Dalgeon seeks Haeri for help and together with a special NIS team, they’re on an undercover mission to bring out the truth to justice. 

The series presents adrenalin-filled episodes and engaging storylines. What matters the most is that the actors have strong chemistry, which co-stars Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-gi definitely prove to have. A to-go-for series withs thrills that just keep coming thanks to a great pace, intriguing corruption mystery, and consistent plot developments. The characters are interesting and sympathetic as well as being very entertaining. Another must-watch that keeps you wanting for more. 

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