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Space Mountain is Turning 45 And We’re Getting Ears!

Calling all Disney nerds! as you all know for those die-hard fans that Space Mountain will be celebrating its 45th anniversary next year (2020). Can you believe it? One of the most iconic rides will be turning 45 and next year. How exciting is that!

Now I know I just wrote an article about the red Disney Minnie ears that are coming out. And yes the red Disney Minnie ears are super cute, don’t get me wrong. But these are infinitely cuter.

Not only have these ears been leaked but also a commemorative pin has been as well. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark passholder exclusive pin, plus not to mention from what I hear Loungefly purses and backpacks will soon have Space Mountain inspirations as well.

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From what I’m gathering on the internet this is not 100% confirmed but all I gotta say is that as soon as it is, I know where I’ll be spending my money. Disney!

Happy birthday Space Mountain!

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