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Check Out This Adorable Baby Groot Flower Pot

We all still like Baby Groot right? Our newfound love of the Baby Yoda has us all forgetting that Groot was our main man not that long ago. Well for those of you who still hold him dear we’ve found probably the cutest flower pot around.

Artify – Square

The flower pot is inside his head so you get to see him sprout some cute colorful plants. You can choose just about any flower as long as it doesn’t grow to be too big and need to be repotted. The entire thing is only 6″ by 3.5″ so maybe Pansys or Daisy’s would do best. But if you have a greener thumb than I do by all means please plant whatever you like. I mean I couldn’t even keep a succulent alive….Sorry Mom.

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He’s fairly cheap too and on Amazon so if you wanted to get him for a gift he would arrive before Christmas. They sell a singular one that is cheapest($4.60 w/ free shipping) but won’t be here until January.

Or this set of four for $29.99 that has Prime shipping.

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