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You Need To Check Out This ‘The Dark Crystal’ Fizzgig Puppet

Fans of Jim Henson and hand puppets will adore this The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Puppet. Just as loyal as every other Fizzgig, this little guy will be by your side for as long as you wish it. This puppet is full scale having been designed using assets from The Jim Henson Company. Making it as authentic as you can ask.

If you’re looking for a furry, friendly monster companion with a gaping maw of razor sharp teeth and a penchant for the melodramatic, then odds are good that you’re looking for Fizzgig. Capable of shifting from mewling cuteness to roaring ferocity in the blink of an eye, this rolling little rascal will charm all of your friends and terrify your enemies (at least in his own mind). Once you let Fizzgig into your home, you’ve got a friend for life. (Just don’t tell him he can’t ride on your Landstrider.)

Jim Henson The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Puppet
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In cooperation with their partners at Chronicle Collectibles, GameStop is delighted to bring you the Fizzgig 1/1 Scale Puppet Replica. Just as the name implies, this is a full-scale replica of the puppet used to create the character of Kira’s faithful companion from The Dark Crystal, and was designed using The Jim Henson Company assets. Fizzgig is crafted by combining a faux fur material accented by feet and eyes made of roto vinyl and plastic. The end result is a delightful little critter that’s ready to make your home his fur-ever home. Adopt one today!

The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Puppet is available exclusively at GameStop where it is $119.99.

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