Lets jump into episode Five of Cws Batwoman, where we dive into the history of Alice and discover her twisted origin story.

( Episode 5 Spoilers )

Alice and her sister, which eventually leads to a kidnapping

When this show gives Alice center stage. Shes takes it and absolutely runs with it.

While the episode just leaves more questions than it answers, it lays a solid foundation of horror and mystique for the character and her motivations.

And this episode works really well, as actress Rachel Skarsten really sells the demented mind that is Alice. It’s been truly cemented that , when she has somthing to do, the character can really perform at a high level.

Ruby Rose and crew did rather well with the action, although when she’s paired with a heavy emoting Alice it becomes clear that Rose has more work to do on her acting.

Mary and Catherine Hamilton, where a mother tells her daughter firsthand of her wrong doings

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