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McDonald’s Announces Throwback Happy Meal Toys

Remember when McDonald’s had the giant picture in the drive through that you could easily see what the toys were. I miss that. I also miss the amazing toys that they used to put out. Of course I know that the toys are no longer aimed at my demographic because unfortunately all us Toys R Us kids grew up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy when they put out something amazing.

They have announced that they will be bringing back some of our favorite toys in blind bag form. Mixing the old with the new. Kids these days are crazy for mystery bags and parents will want to get them these on the chance that they can reclaim one of the toys lost from their childhood. This is all in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Happy Meal. Doesn’t that make you feel old…

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These Happy Meal toys are going to be for a very limited time though, November 7 through 11. It seems like such a small window for such a good marketing plan. These toys will be limited edition first come first served.

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They are going to have Power Rangers, McNugget Buddies, My Little Pony, Space Jam, Tamagotchi, 101 Dalmations and a whole lot more. At this time it is unclear if what is coming out is limited to what is in the released images or if there will be more toys in the mix.

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