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Evan Mirzai Talks About Working In Hollywood Entertainment Industry

Evan Mirzai is a writer/producer working out of LA. One of the projects that he is currently working on is the American Pie Reboot for peacock as a writer.The NBC streaming service coming soon, as well as another show on Nat Geo “Origins Journey Of Humankind” as an executive producer. Check out our interview with him below!

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Mirzai goes into what an executive producer does. “It’s kind of a catch all phrase. It means either  you bring money to a project and make it happen. Or you connect a bunch of dots to make it happen.” explained Mirzai. In a nutshell, they do a lot of behind the scenes things that most people do not see.

It’s no secret that Evan Mirzai is a very passionate man, and has the drive to keep working in this industry. He wanted to leave everyone with this “Believe in yourself”

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