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Make Red Velvet Zombie Guts For Halloween Breakfast!

The time is almost upon us as we gather our pumpkins and skeletons out of the closet and off of store shelves. Halloween time is in full swing and the excitement is palpable. If you are wondering how or what to cook for all hallows eve breakfast then look no further. We have stumbled across the cutest zombie guts recipe ever created! And you know it’s family friendly coming from TheKidsKitchen!

Artify – Square

On the site they have a tutorial and the recipe. So go there if you want to see how to make it. From the looks of it it’s just a regular cinnamon roll with red velvet insides and brown sugar and frosting. But boy doesn’t it look delicious? These Red Velvet Zombie Guts are sure to be a real crowd pleaser!

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You can also check out these Pumpkin and Bats ravioli that costco now has on sale if you want to make your dinner spooky too.

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