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Most Stuff Oreos Back by Popular Demand

Beautiful Oreos, the perfect partner to whatever you are drinking. Coffee, tea, milk, the blood of your enemies, truly wonderful. The proper way to eat one has always been up for discussion. Do you twist and lick? Eat it whole? Or shove as many creme fillings into one for one glorious bite? For me, I twist, eat the creme and cookie first then I eat the other half. It’s just better that way. Well, no matter how you eat an Oreo we can all agree these vegan cookies are just pure perfection.

Earlier this year, Oreo shocked us all with a most stuffed cookie. And for comparison a Nestle wasn’t joking around. 

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But sadly it you didn’t act fast enough these beauties left as fast as they came. And we were left in the wake of depression. Well, just recently an Instagram account posted a familiar sight. 

Back on shelves in the winter!? OH MY!! Delish reached out to a sister company to see if this is true, and Nestle did confirm that this coming is set to have a comeback. Oh sweet, sweet bliss. I thank you for bringing this back. Now to sit and wait.

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