In a modern miracle Pizza Hut is now offering Cheez It Pizza. It’s a Cheez It crust and stuffed with either just cheese or pepperoni. I was going to make pork for dinner but now that has flown out the window as I found out that the new pizza dish is only $6.99 for my location. And you know what my daughter freaking loves? Cheez Its, so I won’t have to fight with her to eat all her dinner.

I took a screenshot because I had to make sure it was real. And it totally is so the internet is ablaze with excitement and reviews.

You can order it for pickup or delivery from your local Pizza Hut. And if you do tell us how it is in the comments!

If you love Cheez Its you may also want to try this new subscription service where you can get a box of Cheez Its and wine!

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