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Requiem Nerd Cafe– a Fantasy-Themed Dream Come True

You may have heard of cat cafes and Pokemon cafes. Requiem Coffee Shop is a fantasy-themed dream come true for nerds.  This nerd cafe self-proclaims to serve coffee, tea, and fantasy.  The serving of fantasy is an immersive one.   

enchanted forest area of the nerd cafe
Each section of the cafe is themed

The Vision– A Place Where Nerds Could be Themselves

Requiem started as a vision.  In 2014, Kris Irons started the Kickstarter project as the world’s premier nerd cafe. After several years of teasing the public, we were finally able to walk through the doors on Comic-Con weekend, the summer of 2019. It did not disappoint.

Come in your cosplay.  The backdrops are photo worthy, and will make you want to snap some pictures.
Bring your cosplay and cameras

It is Like Walking into a Fantasy Realm

When you walk in, it is like you are transported to a fantasy realm.  The first items to catch my eye were the hanging flowers and ambient lighting. The blacklight painting on the walls are reminiscent of FFX. The walls are covered with exquisite stained-glass windows. You won’t be able to resist climbing the tree and hiding away in its nooks and crannies. You can snuggle with the comfy, plush pillows and throw blankets in the shape of rocks, logs, leaves, and fire, or hide-out with your phone. They have camouflaged outlets, so your devices can recharge as you do.

Pick Up a Group

It wouldn’t be a nerd cafe unless you could game here. If you go towards the entertainment center you will see more than just a large screen TV. The shelves are complete with artbooks featuring Amano and a game station. If video games aren’t your cup of tea, you can head towards the throne fit for a king, and long table suited for an immersive D&D experience. There are also bean bag chairs and smaller tables for close-knit conversations or smaller games. Just like in an MMO, there is a real-life Looking For Group cone system for pick up groups, outlets-a-plenty, high-speed wifi.

Caffeine or potion? Health, mana, or stamina pot? Get your high.
Need caffeine or sugar?

Need Rations?

Keep Going!
1 of 857

Every adventurer needs sustenance. This cafe is complete with an award-winning latte artist, and a delicious sounding menu of sandwiches, pastries, and drinks, and health, mana, and stamina potions for your stay.  Besides, coffee may reduce type 2 diabetes.

Award-winning latte artist makes beautiful latte art.
Be sure to try the Cuppa Comfort

Looking for Things to Do?

Whether you are Disney-bound, con-bound, or just looking for something to do with like-minded people on a Wednesday night, Requiem is a stop worth making.  Every time you enter, it is as if you are stepping into a Role Playing Game. You will see cosplayers decked out in armor or angel wings from their favorite video game or anime.  You may see people playing the latest indie board game, or just chilling and relaxing with a cookie butter flavored latte while playing League of Legends on their laptop.  

A Nerd Cafe with Photo-Ops!

After taking a couple dozen photos, I watched my toddler jump from rock to rock in their decorative pond in her Aurora dress, while my baby and I cuddled against the incredibly plush stones and logs in our private enclave located within the enchanted forest.

Check out the plush, cozy seating.  Great for cuddling and recharging yourself of your phones.
Cuddle up

You can read reviews on Yelp.


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