JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 4 Part 1 DVD Review

If you’re like me and can’t get enough Jojo in your life. I’ve got some good news for you. The first half of part 4 is finally out on DVD. And it’s loaded with tons of great content that’ll fill that missing void you have while JoJo is off the air.

One thing that I really appreciate about JoJo is that they always make visually pleasing products. If it’s not with the mangas looking like a book with it’s hardcover and great artwork. The DVD set does the same. The box has none other than Josuke Higashikata doing a JoJo pose. And on the backside it has his stand looking like it’s ready for a fight. And of course the artwork is great with a neon style that reflects in the light. Making it that much more appealing to look at.

Once opening it you’ll see two things one being the Blu Ray of JoJo. With Josuke and Jotaro both on the cover. The other thing you’ll see is an art box of the first part of part 4. It’s filled with tons of great content such as directors comments on every episode the DVD set covers. It even has notes on the art drawings but unfortunately they are not in english. But none other it’s still pretty cool to see all the hard work that went on behind the scenes. 

With the actual Blu ray box inside of it there is an ad for part 4 of the jojo manga. As well as the CD’s with all the JoBros on the cover of them. It has three CD’s and all of them of course have different episodes throughout the season. The first two are straight forward and don’t have any extras. But they all do give you and option to watch it in DUB or SUB.

Once you get to CD 3 that’s where it has all of the extras. The extras were pretty awesome and definitely worth the watch. They include three interviews with the DUB voice actors. Those being Billy Kametz (Josuke Higashikata) Zach Aguilar (Koichi Hirose) and Jalen K. Cassell (Okuyasu Nijimura). All three interviews are great and it’s always nice to put a face to the name as well. 

It also has its own art gallery too showing off parts of the town in part 4 of JoJo. As well as characters that come up throughout the season too. Lastly it has comes with the first half of the seasons intros and endings, but the best part it comes with english subtitles so you can even sing along if you want too.

Of course the extras does have with tons of extra Viz Media properties to expose you to as much anime as they can which honestly a great thing to do. 

But if you’re truly a JoJo fan all of these should just encourage you to buy the DVD set even more. And if you’re not a JoJo you should definitely give it a go! One great thing about JoJo is that even if you haven’t watched the prior seasons they you can pretty much jump into any season and for the most part fully understand whats going on. JoJo is one of those animes that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more. So the fact that this DVD set is out is just what I needed. And you should definitely go out and buy it as soon as you can too.

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