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14 Years Later Anakin and the Padawan He Murders Hug it Out

Remember when we were all in awe over how brutal the descent from sweet little Anakin to the Sith Lord Darth Vader was? He straight up murders a room full of young Jedi just starting on their journey to master the force. Children! Anyway at this years London Film and Comic Con Hayden Christensen was reunited with Ross Beadman, the kid he lightsabered to death, and things went really really well!

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The point of the story here is… well forgiveness I guess? Or just good humor, it’s your call. Yes we know that movies aren’t real and writers create the stories that we cling to for our entertainment. But man is it heartwarming to see these two hug it out in the video. Let’s all pretend they are having a real moment and are most definitely reconciling their differences.

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