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Clowns Only Screening Of ‘It: Chapter 2’ Coming To Alamo Drafthouse

If you’re afraid of Clowns, this is not the article for you.

Well all know that 2017’s Stephen King’s It remake was a mondo success, both critically and financially. The sequel was as guaranteed as a hangover after a Phish concert. And now we’re only a few weeks away from the opening weekend of It: Chapter Two.

I hope you’re excited. Personally I felt the first one was a perfect telling of King’s staple contribution to the horror genre. Granted the book is still waaay more extreme. Hollywood didn’t pull the trigger on an underage sewer orgy or pretty much any of the weird kid sex stuff peppered in throughout the course of the novel. And I’m totally okay with that. But It was as close to a page to screen interpretation as you could get. Audiences were treated to a terrifically horrifying experience which either started or reaffirmed your fear of clowns.

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Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise… absolute perfection. I wouldn’t be surprised if his performance sparks a resurgence in circus themed scares, sending the storm cloud of clown through the industry.

Seriously, come September 6, everything is going to be clowns, clowns, and more clowns. In fact, reported on August 2nd that Alamo Drafthouse will be holding special “Clowns Only” screenings of Chapter Two so fans can get their full clown on.

Here’s what it says on Alamo’s website:

“We’re celebrating the second chapter of Stephen King’s magnum opus with a nightmare-fuelling Clown-only screening of IT Chapter Two. Please come dressed as a clown – the wig, the makeup, the oversized pants and suspenders, the blood-curdling makeup – and sit through this coulrophobia-inducing fright fest with a theater full of fellow… clowns. Good luck. [Insert maniacal clown laugh here.] You’re gonna need it, floaters. “

They’re also calling it their “Annually Dose Of Coulrophobia Immersion Therapy”… how horrifyingly cute.

You can buy tickets by clicking here.

Yeah… sounds pretty scary. I think I’ll watch the grownup Losers Club battle an evil demon clown in the comfort of the Playa Vista Cinemark.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Warner Brothers

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