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The Continental Will be a John Wick Prequel

Starz broke the news of a John Wick television series back in January 2018. The Continental was to explore the assassins hotel that was featured in the movies but that was all the information that we had, until now. Jeffery Hirsch, who was recently at the Television Critics Association Press Tour was asked about The Continental. Here is what he had to say.

“‘The Continental‘ will be way earlier in the history of the series. It will be a fresh look at The Continental as the hotel and how that came into the being of John Wick. It’s way back in terms of the timing.”

“My sense is that where we are today, the movie date has been set but we’re still in early development on the series so [it will air] most likely after.”

Jeffery Hirsch Starz COO

Since the show has been in development for about a year and a half now it makes sense that they would be doing a prequel. The fourth movie just came out in theaters and instead of having to rewrite or re-edit something that may have been affected by the film it is much easier to just go back in time. Plus the mystery surrounding The Continental has always been a draw for audiences.

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We also know that Chad Stahelski is executive producing alonside Derek Kolstad. Stahelski is going to direct the pilot episode. Also helping develop the show is John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves, who has also been teased to make an appearance at some point in the show.

We will keep you updated as further information and casting news comes out for “The Continental”. Stay Tuned!

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