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There is Now a Hat That Can Charge Your Phone

SOLSOL has now released a hat that you can wear and charge your phone. Attached to the bill is a solar panel and on the side is a cord that comes out and plugs into your phone.

The hat contains no battery so you don’t have to worry about brain cancer. Though I would assume that the panels do get hot to the touch so you should probably be careful of that if you decide to wear this to the beach or on a camping trip.

We all know that the purpose of outdoor adventures is to disconnect, but if you use your phone for emergencies you have to have a charge. This device will make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

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This hat comes in a variety of colors and you can charge anything that has a usb plug in. That means Iphones, Androids and more. Tablets, phones, and bluetooth devices can all be charged with ease. The hat retails at about $56 dollars but if you check out the site now they are having a sale that brings it to $36.

You can check it out more at

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