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Target is Selling an “Upside Down” My Little Pony

If you are getting hyped for Stranger Things coming out July 4th by seeing all the new promotions going on then I have a really great one for you. Target is now selling Stranger Things My Little Ponies. And you better hurry because they are already being flipped on Ebay for $125 dollars. They retail for $9.99.

On the side of the box it has a quote from Dustin from the show.

“All the pink in the world can’t disguise the irrefutable fact that CASTLES and CENTAURS and DRAGONS and MAGIC are all standard NERD TROPES – ergo, My Little Pony is NERDY – ergo, YOU, ERICA, are a NERD.”

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That perfectly explains the My Little Pony fandom as well. If you think that girls and boys are in it for the ponies you are sadly mistaken. That is only a fraction of why we love My Little Pony. The fact is it’s full of Magic and that is what the appeal is. That and the design of the cartoons but that is a whole nother tangent.

Also while I was at Target I was told that a Stranger Things Bicycle is going to be released at the end of the month. So if you are looking for a new bike and want one like Mike’s you may want to check back with them then.

What do you think of the Stranger Things My Little Pony? Have you gotten your Upside Down Burger yet? Tell us in the comments what you like to collect!

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