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Last Chance for Halo-Themed Ship in Sea of Thieves

Ahoy Mateys! If you are a swashbuckling skallywag sailing the high seas of Rare’s Sea of Thieves, time is running out to receive the special E3 Spartan ship set.

Offer officially ends end of day Saturday, June 15th!

All you have to do is login and play, either Adventure mode, or recently added Arena mode. It will take up to 72-hours for the Spartan ship set to appear in your inventory, but well worth the wait.

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If you haven’t had a chance to play Sea of Thieves yet, it is part of the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, which offers an extensive library of games on both your Xbox and PC, and going for the cool price of $1 for the first month.

So, don’t be a yellow belly! Lift the anchor, hoist the sails, and find your adventure in your fancy new Spartan ship (Watch out for the Kraken!).

Don’t forget the Rum!

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