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Wolfenstein VR & Young Blood At E3

Wolfenstein is going to VR. The game is called Wolfenstein cyber pilot and you play as a resident fighter who hacks Nazi mechs and uses them to kill other Nazis. The new game Youngblood coming out is set to be the biggest one yet with lots of more content than other the other Wolfenstein.

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The game is set in the 1980s 20 years after the second one, and the basic plot is that Billy has been kidnapped by the Nazis. And your Twin daughters are going to rescue him in France where he’s being held. The trailer that was shown off didn’t show much of the plot, but it did show some great footage of the twins just mowing down Nazis.

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The game is set to come out on July 26 of this year. So be sure to grab a buddy and go kill some Nazis!

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