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Good Mythical Summer! The Annual Summertime Block of GMM Has Started!

Well hello, Mythical Beasts! It’s that time of year again! The time where we crank up the air conditioner, break out the short shorts and ice cream, and tune in to Good Mythical Summer, the summertime block of Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal’s morning variety show, Good Mythical Morning.

This year they kicked things off with a new “Will It?” of the ultimate summer pastime, barbecuing! But if you know anything about GMM, you know this isnt going to be just plain barbecue. We start out trying to cook lean pork on a grill made from a watermelon, and of course, we eventually end up in toilet territory.

“We’re still good!” became the motto of the toilet sequence.
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Later, in Good Mythical More, Mythical Chef Josh talks about the process of smoking a watermelon, as he sits down with Rhett and Link to enjoy the fruit (hahaha) of his efforts.

You can enjoy Good Mythical Summer on the Good Mythical Morning YouTube channel. The schedule is as follows:

Mon & Wed – GMM W/ Rhett & Link
Thurs –
Fri- GMM W/ Team Hosts
Sat – Food Fears W/ Josh

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