8 Sailor Moon Fashion Accessories You Need in Your Collection Now!

Growing up I have always loved Sailor Moon and have collected Sailor Moon toys, clothes and accessories pretty much my whole life. Lucky for me Otakupicks has pages of kawaii Sailor Moon fashion Items and they are things I don’t already have which is even better! All of their stuff is unique and will definitely set you apart from your friends who shop at Hot Topic or other more trendy places for their anime fashion needs.

Sailor Moon Sleepy Head Hoodie

The color of it is perfect for Sailor Moon because her iconic color is pink and the image on the sweater represents pretty much what we would all rather be doing. Especially if we relate to Usagi!

Sailor Moon Deluxe Red Velvet Choker

Any cosplayer in the house raise your hand! If you didn’t raise your hand no worries because this is the perfect accessory to get you started. First of all you don’t have to make it yourself which is a time saver! And second it’s adjustable! So even if you have a tiny neck or even a wide neck you can work with it. And if you don’t want to wear it with a cosplay it’s nice enough to just wear with say, a cute sailor moon sweater.

Sailor Moon Embroidery Cap

Here is a good one for anyone who likes Luna or Atemis because this hat comes in Black or White. Depending on your preference you can show off your moon pride with either of these and look amazing. Plus the hat goes with just about everything Sailor Moon or not.

Sailor Saturn Cutie T-Shirt

I really like this shirt. It’s subtle and clean and you don’t really get Sailor Saturn merch as much as you would like. It also reminds me of a shirt I had once of Chibi Moon that I eventually wore out because I wore it so often. This is a great find for any Hotaru Tomoe fans out there.

Sailor Moon Purple Moon Hoodie

This one goes along with the subtle theming. If you know what Sailor Moon’s bed looks like then you will recognize that Moon and shade of purple. Her comforter is printed with bunnies and moons and it always looked so snuggly! This sweater just makes me want to hug it just like I would cuddle up with a comforter at home.

Sailor Moon Crescent Stud Earrings

You know what would pair with this really well? That choker I mentioned above! These are super cute cosplay earrings that work well as accessories for everyday wear. They come in two colors, Gold and Silver and are perfect replicas of sailor moons earrings in the anime.

Sailor Moon Artemis Hoodie

“I’ll always be here for you.” AWWWW the sentiment on this sweater is so sweet and soft. Just like it. And the best part about it is that there are kitty cat ears on the hood of this jacket. And the Pom Poms on the sweater strings give it an extra dose of Kawaii!

Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Choker

Do you like Sailor Moon but want to look a little more edgy? Well this choker is perfect for that. The metal embellishment that the charm hangs off of is perfect to wear with studs or boots. Or if you want to cosplay that punk rock version of Usagi.

Do you like any of these accessories? Tell us in the comments which one you would most like to wear!

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