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“Captain Marvel” Passes $1 Billion Box Office Mark

Captain Marvel has passed the $1 billion global box office mark after less than a month in theaters. It is the 7th MCU movie to surpass that mark. Its advance ticket sales put it as the 3rd largest MCU film (following Infinity War and Black Panther) and ahead of Wonder Woman and Aquaman of the DCEU. Aquaman also joined the over $1 billion club during its theatrical run, but Captain Marvel surpassed Wonder Woman’s total ($821.8 million) in just 2 weeks. Captain Marvel had a worldwide opening of $456.7 million, which is the current 6th biggest of all time. It is also currently the highest grossing film of 2019.

Part of the enthusiasm for Captain Marvel might come from the very brief, blink-and-you-miss-it end-credit teaser in Infinity War. Fans were eager to see the origin of the character before she appears in Endgame. And speaking of Endgame, that movie is poised to smash records – including any set by Captain Marvel. Already Endgame has claimed the #1 slot for first-day ticket presales – and it did it in only 6 hours! (It also crashed many sites the demand was so great.) With China included in its opening, it is speculated that Endgame may debut with a whopping $800 million or more. The film is expected to shoot past the $1 billion mark and probably become the 5th movie to pass $2 billion in box office, possibly even taking the #1 spot away from Avatar (which grossed an unbelievable $2.7 billion).

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All in all, it looks like a great year for the MCU with Captain Marvel a billion-dollar hit, Endgame looking to break even more records, and Spider-Man: Far from Home waiting in the wings.

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