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Paul Rudd Turns 50 Today: Is He a Vampire?

Today is Paul Rudd’s 50th birthday and it would seem that he hasn’t aged a bit. There are posts online of him throughout the years and from 2009 to now there are almost no discernible differences.

There have been a few theories thrown about but the most prominent is that he has either sold his soul to the devil, or is an actual angel who has descended upon the earth. I vote for the latter. Another theory is that he was transformed into a vampire at some point, which is also very possible.

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While it is hard to call him a vampire due to his good nature and the bad reputation that usually surrounds them, it’s hard to deny that he hasn’t aged. So the next question is how? If he did drink blood I would assume that he only drank it from those who were evil and needed to be quelled.

We won’t ask any questions about it, were just happy he’s here! Happy Birthday Paul Rudd! And if you ever decide to tell us your secrets for anti- aging, were listening.

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