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This Shredder Cheese Grater is Every Homeowners Dream

Growing up and collecting Ninja Turtles and Sailor Moon I never dreamed that someday my kitchen could have utensils that doubled as collectors pieces. Now that I am older I see new kitchen items everyday that would make my life better and bring me joy. So finding out that there is now a Shredder Cheese Grater that I can order from Amazon was something I just had to tell you about.

You can buy this Cheese “Shredder” for only $19.99 on Amazon right now. Really not a lot if you actually use it in the kitchen. It will become a go to item for years to come. This will definitely be going on my housewarming gift list in the near future, and expect to see it on a couple of your friends lists as well.

Now if I only had one of these bowls to go with it..

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Just kidding I just bought these on Ebay. Damn these awesome nerdy kitchen finds!

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