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Filler Issue Is My Favorite – Heroes In Crisis

Sanctuary – Worst Security Ever

I just want my character to be happy, but nope – Can’t Have That.

It’s too little too late Heroes In Crisis : how dare you tempt me with this issue. This issue is basically my favorite so far, where the plot didn’t necessarily progress, but we get an insight into the minds of the patients at Sanctuary. While the mentality of the patients have been divided sparingly during the overall story, the content here is particularly focused about the patients.

Ideas of hope and purpose. And when your a member of the superhero community, these ideals go hand in hand, and trying to understand how they’ve lost it so interesting.

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The interview therapy sessions are my favorite part of the comic, and it’s really interesting, when the question is particularly about “ how many people have you saved.” With a spotlight being on a titan GNARRK , which is interesting because he was supposed to be deceased arsenals funeral.

But once again, the discrepancies between stories outside of this story and Heroes In Crisis are continuing to be annoying. But if you care more about storytelling than continuity, then it doesn’t really matter then . I just Have to say, that these characters definitely deserve better.  

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