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New Pony Show from Nickelodeon ‘Corn and Peg’

There’s going to be a new pony show on Nickelodeon starting March 4th called Corn and Peg. Corn and Peg will be a preschool focused show with the duo doing good deeds.

In the press release they stated:

The brand-new animated preschool series Corn & Peg (produced by Nelvana Studios) will gallop onto Nickelodeon Monday, March 4, at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT). The series (20 episodes) follows the extraordinary friendship between Corn, a loveable Unicorn, and Peg, a plucky Pegasus, who share the same unbridled enthusiasm for doing good deeds. Corn & Peg features a social-emotional curriculum that highlights empathy and kindness, and a school readiness curriculum emphasizing colors, math, directions, and health and wellness.

In Corn & Peg, the pair of inseparable best friends are inspired by their favorite superhero, Captain Thunderhoof—champion of all do-gooders—to make a difference and help the residents in their colorful equine community of Galloping Grove. Together, Corn and Peg are the dynamic duo of doing good, always putting others before themselves and believing that doing good feels good.

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In the series premiere of Corn & Peg, “Deputy Do Gooders/Horseplay,” when Sheriff Swiftstone makes Corn and Peg deputies, they get distracted from their traffic duties and cause a huge jam. Then, while Captain Thunderhoof is busy stopping a boulder from rolling toward Farmer Shire’s farm, Corn and Peg must help with a rescue.

Following its U.S. launch, the series will roll out on Nickelodeon’s international channels and branded blocks in 2019.

So if you know any kids get ready to have this show infiltrate your life in all possible aspects. Unicorns are the new hotness among preschoolers and elementary school aged kids. Just check out these Pudding Cups.

In fact buy those pudding cups and fire up the NickJr App because you can watch the first episode right now!

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