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Oreo Makes a Play #ForTheThrone with GOT Cookies!

Ready to pair your wine with some delicious cookies? If you were going to already now you have an excellent excuse to. Oreo is going to be releasing Game of Thrones Cookies especially for the premiere of the final season.

They have announced on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages that “The Cookies are coming.”

There is no word on what flavor these will be. Some assume Lemon Cakes in honor of the Queen of the North. Some say they want strawberry filling. Perhaps whatever flavor it will be will have red dye so that when you dip it in your milk or rumchata the color will bleed and look like blood. A known food blogger stated that these would be regular Oreo in themed packaging but now I really want those bloody Oreo… I mean it would go with the show.

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Whatever the case is you can expect these to fly off the shelves so grab a pack if you see them and enjoy!

Game of Thrones final season premieres April 14th.

Are you ready for the final season of GOT? Tell us in the comments what you think will happen!

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