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Hugh Jackman Earns Guinness World Record for Longest Run as a Marvel Hero

When the X-Men movies began, fans and critics both agreed that casting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was a perfect fit. He would go on to portray the grumpy yet lovable clawed hero for a span of nearly 17 years, starting with 2000’s X-Men and ending with 2017’s Logan.

Who is more deserving than Hugh Jackman to earn this amazing award? No one… Yet. Remember when Tobey Maguire played Spiderman? Then the role went on to Tom Holland. How about when Edward Norton passed the torch to Mark Ruffalo? Hugh buckled in and gave us all a performance we can look back on and be proud of. Logan was such a great film that it is completely rewatchable and honestly it will be hard to recast him.

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Most recently we heard that Keanu would love to try and take the mantle. Marvel President Kevin Feige has talked about recasting the role but nothing has come from it except talk. Whoever it is will have some big claws to fill.

As things are ramping up with Avengers: Endgame it almost seems funny that he is getting his award just now. Especially because we are starting to hear stars like Gwyneth Paltrow who has played Pepper Potts for over ten years announce that they are retiring from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just eight more years and she too could have gotten a guinness award. Perhaps this is extra incentive to stay on in the MCU.

Who do you think will play Wolverine next? Who do you think will stay the longest in the MCU? Tell us in the comments!

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