According to Movieweb, Bill & Ted 3 titled Bill & Ted Face the Music will start production this spring. If so, it is possible the movie could be ready for a Christmas release. Stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves will reprise their roles as the title characters. Keanu Reeves will have to fit filming of Bill & Ted 3 in with his promotional tour for John Wick 3 so he has a busy future ahead.

The first installment in the series, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure premiered 30 years ago on February 17, 1989. It was followed by the sequel Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey in 1991.

In the third movie our title characters are now middle-aged dads who are wondering why their lives didn’t turn out as planned. They have yet to write “the greatest song ever written,” although a visitor from the future warns them that their song is needed to save life as we know it. The duo set out on a time-traveling adventure to find that song and restore harmony to the universe.

They find much more than a song.

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    • I’ll guess that you weren’t alive to enjoy or didn’t enjoy the 80s teen film explosion. The film’s popularized “dude” and “bodacious”. What’s not to love about Van Halen combined with Greek philosophy? You have to go for the nostalgia more than any cheesy plot line!

  1. Bloody Americans, we’re not all in the same country so don’t talk in seasons, it’s arrogant and impolite

  2. This is great news !! The originals of Bill & Teds excellent adventure and John Wick were are awsome.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Keanu played Ted in John Wick and vice versa just for one scene.
    I reckon it would be very funny.

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