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CRex Gaming Creating Gaming Accessories for Women

CRex Gaming Outlines Company Vision and Mission Focused on Gender Equality in Gaming

CRex Gaming’s Launches First Accessory, a Case for Nintendo Switch, Created for All Genders

CRex Gaming founders Adam and Amber Lazzara announced their first product for the Nintendo Switch to come to market, a first for the gaming accessory company whose goal is to achieve gender equality in gaming.

Amber Lazzara said “This company’s mission is about fostering an environment and creating accessories that promote gender equality in gaming. With that laser focus, we decided we wanted to bring to market a case for the Nintendo Switch that all gamers could enjoy.” Amber Lazzara continued “We believed we could create something better and so we did. We wanted a case that was different than the others, one with good materials, better design and more aesthetically pleasing all while having a high level of functionality.”

CRex Gaming contends that anyone involved in the gaming community at large can identify one glaringly apparent hole in the marketplace; accessory companies only cater to the male demographic with women, at best, as an afterthought and with the LGBTQ community not even in their thinking at all.

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Husband and Co-founder Adam Lazzara said “companies slap pink on a product as an afterthought in an attempt to charge more for this “limited” pink color, aka the “pink tax”, we found this to be generally misguided and not having all gamers best interests in mind, while failing to address what all gamers want in a product designed to appeal to them.”

CRex Gaming founders acknowledge that accessory companies are clearly a symptom of a deeper issue. While video game communities have become more popular on services like Twitch and within the online games themselves, the communities have become increasingly toxic towards women and LGBTQ gamers. These gamers have little recourse outside of simply reporting this type of behavior. CRex Gaming vision and mission is to change that landscape to create a gaming community that has a place for everyone regardless of gender, race, creed or sexual orientation.

Adam Lazzara continued in saying that “it became abundantly clear these gamers needed a community for all types of gamers. It is our intention to not only design high-quality products that appeal to every gamer but to create a community that aligns with causes that foster the values of equality.”

CRex Switch Case Available Early April!

To that end CRex gaming will donate a portion of every sale to charities that align with human rights and equality, work with partners that strive to bring diversity and inclusion to gaming, and will seek to work with the technology companies behind these communities to seek advancement and protection for every gamer.

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