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Indestructable GoPro Gets Covered in Lava and Survives!

Have you ever wondered just how far you could push your GoPro? Have you also had a weird thing for movies like Volcano where the dude jumps off the bus and gets consumed by lava. Or perhaps Dante’s Peak where they boil Grandma alive?

If you have then boy do I have a video for you.

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Erik Stor, a tour guide with Kilauea EcoGuides in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park lost his GoPro in a crack that was slowly filling with lava.

Miraculously it survived and he was able to get it out with a chisel. AND it STILL WORKS! Now if you buy a GoPro you can say “No Thanks BestBuy, I will pass on that insurance.”

What do you think of this indestructable GoPro. Tell us in the comments!

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