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Heinz Releases Fanciest Ketchup in Caviar Form

If you ever wanted to really one up your spouse or significant other here is a great way to do it.

Person 1: Did you want some ketchup on your burger?
Person 2: Yes Please!
P1: Did you want the “Fancy Ketchup?”
P2:(Confused) Yeah?
P1 Enters room carrying this….

Artify – Square
Ketchup Caviar

On January 24th Ketchup Caviar could be won by going to the @HeinzKetchup_US twitter account. Here is more information directly from the twitter.

Keep Going!
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While they say that the contest will go for four days you can bet that they will run out soon. But hey throw your hat into the ring for this! I know I will be!

What do you think of this crazy concoction? Tell us in the comments!

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