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Internet Crazy Over Whether or Not Grover Just Said the F-Word

Today the internet has been going nuts over whether or not a beloved Sesame Street character has gone to the dark side of the street.

In a video circulating on social media, an episode of Sesame Street shows Grover saying “That sounds like an excellent idea”. The problem is, that if heard in the right way, it sounds like Grover saying “That’s a f****** excellent idea.” Of course that is absurd but it has sparked an intense debate over the past 24 hours. Presented here is the original video:

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It’s the Yanny/Laurel debate all over again. I have to admit when I first listened to the video I heard “that sounds like an excellent idea.” But perhaps that was because I know that my sweet sweet Grover would never say such a dirty word. Or would he? Listening to it over again I heard the alternate version with the F bomb, then clean again, then dirty.

The internet seems to agree that it all depends on what you want to hear. If you think he is going to say it clean you hear clean. If you think he will say it dirty he will say it dirty. It’s a giant psychological mind game.

This must be some kind of video/audio wizardry because I can’t decide which it is. It’s crazy! For the record I still stand by my interpretation of the Yanny or Laurel debate. It was Yanny you monsters!

What do you hear? Tell us in the comments!

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