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Yanny or Laurel

It’s Yanny You Monsters!

Sometime yesterday a video dropped asking whether the listener heard Yanny or Laurel. While Me and my 3 year old both heard Yanny, my husband heard Laurel. I am seriously considering divorce. What kind of monster is he. Something must be off inside of his brain. So I turned to the internet to see what they had to say.

Someone said that if you hear Yanny you eat pizza with a fork. Well so what if I do? It’s Messy. All I am saying is that if my three year old hears Yanny too then it has to be Yanny. This kid doesn’t listen to me, why would she agree with me now? Here I have this in a loop so you can hear the madness for yourself.

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So after some soul searching I realize that it does take all kinds. However the internet seems truly shook today. This debate has sparked a great divide to which I can’t be sure if we will ever recover. It is unfortunate that this has happened. I believe we will be in a spot where the Yanny’s and the Laurels may never speak again.

Much like whoever thought that dress was black and blue, or white and gold. In that instance there was obviously a filter put on and most people came around to realize it was black and blue. This time I fear for the world. We will forever be missing each other, never truly seeing eye to eye. Because well, people are dumb. It’s obviously Yanny. It has to be right?

Let me know how right, or how wrong you think I am.
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