MHA Live Action Stage Show Poster/Trailer Revealed

My Hero Academia has recently released their first promotional poster for the upcoming stage show The “Ultra” Stage.

They not only released the first poster but also a trailer for the stage show.

The cast includes :

  • Midoriya – Tamura Shin
  • Todoroki – Kitamura Ryou
  • Bakugo – Kitamura Ryou
  • Bakugo – Kobayashi Ryota
  • Ochako – Takeuchi Yume
  • Iida – Ino Hiroki
  • Tsuyu – Noguchi Mao
  • Kirishima – Tanaka Naoki
  • Denki – Sato Yugo
  • Mineta – Okuo NagatoShigaraki – Raita
  • Endeavor – Ueda Yuusuke
  • Skinny All Might – Hayashi Tsuyoshi
  • Eraserhead – Seto Yuusuke
  • Tokoyami – Matsubara Rin

No details for the plot of the show have been released yet but we do know that it will follow what the show has already covered. Midoriya born without powers now has to adjust to the use of his quirk handed down to him by All Might. I’m sure there will be a school setting and probably a hero villain showdown.

When they announced that My Hero Academia would be putting on a stage show in Japan the reaction from the western audience was “What?”. However if you look into the history of how well stage shows have done for anime in the past you can see that this was a great decision for Kohei Horikoshi. I mean just look at how well the Sailor Moon Musicals went. They made a ton and now they are even coming overseas and American fans are clamoring to see the limited shows. If My Hero Academia were to bring it overseas now we would have full on death matches between fans for those tickets.

Whether or not the show comes out on DVD will be another thing. I’m not sure they can exactly bootleg these performances like they did once upon a time with the underground Sailor Moon Musical VHS Tapes. My best hope is they do release it soon after the performances wrap and we can find playable region free dvds on Ebay.

My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage will be debuting in Japan on April 12, 2019.

Is this something you want to see? Would you travel to Japan just to do it? Tell us in the comments!

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