27 Nerdy Kitchen Gifts for 2018

One of the best things about buying gifts for people is finding the perfect thing for them. For this list I scoured the internet.. Well, Amazon, for the perfect kitchen accessories for the nerdy collector. Whether your special someone loves to cook, or just have people over for some video game playing or Netflix binging, here are some pretty neat things they are sure to love. All the pictures are linked to the site for easy navigating*


Game of Thrones

Cutting Board

With the new season coming out next year, get ready for your Game of Thrones parties with this cutting/serving board. You could serve cheese platters, or you know.. Meat pies.

Wine Glass

I don’t know about you but I like to drink when I cook. In fact, I like to drink regardless. Always responsibly.. Anyway this glass is great for any fan of the series. Tyrion approved.

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Fire up some cookies and put them in these cool Dragon Egg cookie jars! Become the Mother of Dragons.. And Cookies!

Star Wars

R2 D2 Measuring Cup set

What started the whole list was coming across this set of measuring cups. I am always losing mine.. They are somewhere in a drawer. This little guy is made to display so the odds of losing pieces are a lot slimmer than just tossing your plain plastic measuring cups.. somewhere..

Rebel/Alliance Toaster

There are a couple of designs of this type of toaster on the net, but for this particular addition to the list I chose one that makes Rebel/Alliance Toast. You know so you can start the debate about which side your on early.

Death Star Ice Cube Trays

That’s no moon, that’s Vodka on the rocks.

Star Wars Variety Pack, for those who want a little of everything.

This one even has a Han Solo in carbonite Ice cube tray. 

And whoever doesn’t think that X-Wing ice cubes don’t belong in a mixed drink.. I don’t want to be friends with.

Sailor Moon

If you don’t know my writing by now that’s ok, but you can ALWAYS expect a Sailor Moon category when it comes to nerdy gifts! The best part about these is that there are even more than what I have listed here.


These come in a him and hers version if you search Amazon. The Sailor Moon one is also sold at Box Lunch and I saw the Tuxedo Mask on Hot Topics site as well.

Kitchen Timer

This one is super cute. A Luna P kitchen timer that you can set and when times up it makes sound and lights up. It’s more of a classic dial timer except you do need batteries for the sound effects.


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Luna and Artemis set of Salt and Pepper shakers.

Oven Mitts

In the name of the Moon, don’t punish your hands! Keep your hands safe while baking and cooking with a set of these awesome oven mitts.


Ice Cube/Chocolate Molds

These are great to make specialty ice or even chocolate for your Sailor Moon get together.

Harry Potter

While there was not as many Harry Potter themed kitchen accessories as I would have liked I did find a couple of really cool things any fan would love to have on display in their kitchens.

Spice Jars

These are super cool and sure to add some Harry Potter magic to your kitchen. They are a subdued design so if your Potter fan is more of a closet nerd these will still go nicely with their decor.

Salt and Pepper shakers

Here are some super cute salt and pepper shakers of Hedwig… and that other owl, I don’t know his name.

House Mugs

These come in three designs, they are unfortunately missing my house.. Hufflepuff. But we probably wouldn’t curse anyway, unless it was necessary and magical.


Star Trek

Enterprise Pizza Cutter

The most useful tool in the universe! I have wanted one of these for EVER. So this one is partly because it’s on my wish list and partly because it’s freaking awesome.

Sushi Set

Pack up this fancy set and take it with you for some sushi! Or order some takeout and impress your friends at home.

Oven Mitt

Live Long.. and don’t burn your hands!

Super Cool Coaster set!

I would love to use these individually but they look so sweet stacked up!


PokeBall ‘Spice’ Grinder

I think you all know what else this could be used for.. Use this before cooking and get inspired.

Cake Pan

Remember what I said about getting inspired? Bake the cutest little companion with one of these cake pans!

PokeBall Serving Dish

Perfect for a party! Invite your friends over to play Super Smash Bros. and serve up some popcorn in one of these!


Gamer Gadgets

Mario Bros. Chip Clips

Keep your chips fresh and seal them up with these neat chip clips!

Refrigerator Cosplay Kit

Boring old refrigerator got you down? Can never remember what you need when you go to the store? Make a list right on the fridge with this dry erase magnet kit. Take a picture of the list before you leave and wala!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

No serving set would be complete without the perfect salt and pepper shakers! These ones are sure to have your guests salt their way straight into the mushroom kingdom.

Cartridge Coasters

Throw back with these bad boys, and protect your furniture too!

Super Gadgets!

Pancake Bot!

You will be sure to impress your friends with one of these pancake printers! Pre program and print the perfect pancake! This one is admittedly a little ‘Extra’ but man it’s cool.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Is there anything you think I left off? Tell Nerdbot in the comments and get the conversation going!

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